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Book Review Policy

If you are an Author/Publisher you are more than welcome to send me a Review Request on the Contact Me page.

I will do my best to get a review up both on Goodreads and my Blog within 1 month of receiving the book in electronic format. If you would also like the review published on I can do that too. 

I primarily read YA books although I will also read Middle Grade and New Adult and prefer Fantasy (in any form)/Paranormal/Dystopia. 

My rating system is the Goodreads Rating system of 5 stars: 

☆☆☆ - Did not like
★★☆☆☆ - It was Okay
★★☆☆ - I liked it
★★☆ - I really liked it 
★ - It was amazing

I will give my honest opinion, even if I did not enjoy the book although I will also always try to find the best points of a book and include them in my review. If you would like me to remove my review of your work, I can do this at your request but I will not change my review to make it more flattering at your request. 

Thank-you for considering me