The Wrap-Up: January Edition

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It's FEBRUARY! When did that happen? It helped that I was on holiday for January... But still - I'm not prepared! I didn't nearly do as much blog catch up as I wanted to but DO expect me to visit soon!

I am making a few changes here on my blog - partially because of scheduling difficulties (read: I'm super disorganised with full time hobbies when I have a full time job) and also because I'm wanting to focus on a few different things and maybe have a few different posts.

The first major change is that I won't be doing weekly round ups anymore. I'll try to visit yours when I can but all of my wrap up info will be posted on a monthly basis instead. I'm also not taking as many ARCs this year - only those that I really, really want and want to enjoy promoting. I'm also trying to read more backlist so that I can try to work on that TBR mountain of mine.

I've also decided to slowly work my way into bookstagram! Can you believe it! My first serious post is below and it's a promo shot of one of my favourite series... I'm almost positive none of you have heard enough raving about Annette Marie yet, right!?!? ;)

I'm looking forward to finding some time to mess around a bit more with my 'theme' (since apparently that's important!) and I can't wait to get to check out more bookish accounts and start to participate properly. If you have an account please leave me a link below so I can check it out and follow if I'm not following you already. Also - any hints or tips let me know!

What I read:

The Shadow WeaveTwisted PalaceEmporer MageThe Realms of the GodsOutlanderTraitor to the Throne

Six books in a month is really fairly good for me, especially in January and considering that I was travelling for most of the month. I'm rather impressed with myself.

I finally dusted off Outlander which was 'on hold' for 2017 which just ended up being a crazy year altogether. Thankfully I managed to finish it! Now I can't wait to get to the TV series while I continue reading book two.

I finished my re-read of Tamora Pierce's Immortal's Quartet and I managed to finally pick up Traitor to the Throne!

What I am currently reading:

The ValiantDragonfly in Amber

The Valiant is one that I just didn't get to last year and Dragonfly in Amber is the second book in the Outlander series.

Up Next:

RoarHero at the FallTempests and SlaughterWonder Woman WarbringerKing's Cage

My #SQUAD girls and I are finally starting our buddy read of Roar! We've all been pretty busy and The Blog Squad has kind of been on hiatus, but expect to hear from us soon. We have some fun stuff lined up for this year.

I've preordered the final book of the Rebel of the Sands trilogy and cannot wait to read it (it should actually deliver the day this post goes up!!!) and I've also pre-ordered the NEW TAMORA PIERCE!!!! Cannot wait for Tempests and Slaughter.

Wonder Woman Warbringer was such an anticipated read for me and I even have the physical book however it's just been lying next to my bed for MONTHS. I am DEFINITELY picking that one up soon.

And finally I've been convinced that I need to read King's Cage and hopefully it will redeem the series for me... Fingers crossed!

Let's see what I actually manage to get through in February, especially considering it's my first month back at work AND it's a short one including my small one's birthday party. 

New Arrivals:

Sea Witch
Everyone knows what happens in the end.
A mermaid, a prince, a true love’s kiss.
But before that young siren’s tale, there were three friends.
One feared, one royal, and one already dead.

I absolutely could not help myself when I saw this gorgeous book AND read the synopsis. I adore stories that bring an antagonist to life with their back-stories imagined and written. I'm setting myself up for heartbreak, I know! Willingly! I think I'm prepared. 

Reading Progress:

So apparently I'm addicted to making charts... Oops. Hopefully I'll be more organised next month and I'll have prettier ones! And maaaybe some more info to include. 

How was your month? Did you hit your reading goals? Did anything noteworthy happen? 
Talk to me in the comments below!

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