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The Wrap Up: August Edition

Welcome to my monthly wrap-up! I hope that you've had a great month.

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I try to link all book covers to Goodreads or to my review (if there is one) which is in turn linked to Goodreads.

Happy September everyone! I hope you all had a great August. August was a lot less eventful than my July thank goodness! I managed to actually read SEVEN books, which was one less than what I'd hoped... But we'll see how this month goes and maybe I can make it up?

What I read:

Gentleman's Guide To Vice and VirtueDamselThe Assassin's Blade
The Language of ThornsThrone of GlassCatwoman: Soulstealer
Crown of Midnight

What I am currently reading:

Between the Blade and the Heart35430702Shadow of the Fox

Up Next:

From the Earth to the ShadowsHeir of FireQueen of Shadows

New Arrivals:

I haven't yet managed to read 'Hunted' by Meagan Spooner but I am pretty sure that I'm going to love it! I did buy it when I saw it on sale on my Kindle and when I saw Sherwood on Edelweiss I couldn't resist! Thank you soooo much HarperTeen!

I also received Ash Princess from PanMac and while I have heard some conflicting reviews I'm actually very excited to read this one. 

Reading Progress:

So I still managed to finish August still about 4 books behind schedule... So I'm not catching up but I'm not falling further behind. I still have a few months to catch up so I think that 80 is still achievable!

With my Throne of Glass series rereads that's pushing up the rereads percentage up this year... But we'll just see how it all turns out! 

How was your month? Did you hit your reading goals? Did anything noteworthy happen? Have we read any of the same books?

Talk to me in the comments below!