The Blog Squad: A Blogger Collaboration Part XIII

We are a group of three book bloggers situated on different continents but brought together by our love for books and a penchant for talking about them. We’ve joined our forces to create a collaborative series of posts about book blogging and we hope you’ll enjoy the discussions.


Commenting Back - What do you do if you end up on a blog that has zero interest for you/nothing in common with yours?

Uma says...
Since most of my readers are book lovers too their blog is most probably a book blog too and I ALWAYS have something to say at a book blog even we don’t read the same genres or like the same books.

I like to comment on meme posts and discussion posts in blogs where the reviews are for books that aren’t really my kind of books. I also love checking people’s “About Me” page! It’s so interesting and fun and I always like to get to know the person behind the blog.

But like Di says, a comment for the sake of commenting back is not good. I try my best to find a post in the blog that I’d like to read and I leave a honest comment. But it is true that whenever I reach a blog during my ‘commenting back’ which doesn’t have reviews of books i’d like to read or have read, I ALWAYS look for a discussion post! Those are the best no matter what!

Amy says...
I agree with Di. It’s highly unlikely the blog will have nothing I can relate to or appreciate, and even if it does, then it’s not really about that. Yes, you shouldn’t just have “I was here” comment, but at the same time I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a sort of “That isn’t my kind of read, but I hope you enjoy it”, etc, etc.
Be genuine, try find something you can relate to, and if the main point of the post isn’t something you particularly like, then go ahead, be truthful and mention that. But before you do that, do try to find a post that truly interests you. Even if the genre of books they’re mentioning in their post (or meme) is not a genre you enjoy, you can always mention the book you would have added to the list. This works as a book recommendation and I think that in itself shows thoughtfulness and sincerity. Anyone should appreciate you sharing your thoughts, as long as it’s done in a kind way.

What is your preferred follow method?

Uma says...
GFC is my most preferred way but obviously GFC is only for Blogger blogs and I also love a whole lot of blogs hosted by WordPress, Squarespace etc. I think in such a case, I immediately look for a Bloglovin follow option! Bloglovin is a wonderful way to keep track of the blogs I follow. Sometimes even when I’m following a blog by another method, I still make it a point to follow them on Bloglovin too as it’s easy to check for new posts on Bloglovin and it can be wonderfully organized.

I do follow quite a few blogs via email but I really try to limit it. I may not always have the time to visit the blog when I receive the mail and when I do want to visit, the mail gets lost. The ‘Stay organized’ part of me is not a fan of that!

Amy says...
Definitely GFC. Scrolling through my blog roll is certainly the easiest for me. I try not to follow by email unless there's no other option and I really really really love the blog, because then my inbox gets too crowded.
Following by Bloglovin’ is more of a gesture. I rarely ever look at my Bloglovin’ feed, but I hope to remedy that soon. It takes time though and is less accessible (at least for me), so……#bloggingproblems   

How do you keep up with the blogs you follow?

Uma says...
Like I said, GFC and Bloglovin! Also, most of the bloggers who visit and comment on my blog are owners of blogs that I visit on a regular basis! So just by commenting back, I mostly visit all the blogs I follow and love. Also the ‘stay crazy organised like Monica Geller’ part of me has caused me write down a list of the blogs I frequent in my diary. Every weekend, I go through this and make sure I visited all the blogs in my list. Everytime I find a new blog I love, I add it to the list. This helps a lot and helps me make sure I never miss visiting a blog I love!

Amy says...
Like I said in my previous answer, GFC works best for me. I never get to my Bloglovin’ feed, and scrolling through my blog roll is easy and accessible and simple.  

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