5 Reasons to Read: The Red Winter Trilogy - Annette Marie

Sometimes there are books or series that I just cannot get enough of and I needed to find another way to flail and fangirl and make sure that I've done my best to get these books onto everyone's TBRs!

Today I'm (once again) trying to get everyone to read The Red Winter trilogy. There are soooooo many amazing reasons to read these books so it's difficult to narrow it down to just five but I've managed to restrain myself a little.

Japanese Mythology

Firstly, this series draws from Japanese folklore and mythology which is something that you don't hear about very much in YA literature. The only other book that I've read based on Japanese mythology is Flame in the Mist and, for this reader at least, Red Winter was better in many facets.

There's a whole wealth of gods and goddesses and legendary creatures here and kitsunes rapidly became a firm favourite for me!

Amazing Characters

This series is brimming with characters that are as interesting as they are enchanting.

Emi  is a Kamigakari which means that she is the mortal host for a Kami (god/goddess). She has known since she was eight years old that she would be the host for the goddess of the wind, Amaterasu. She isn't a warrior or particularly skilled in any way, she is naive, somewhat of a damsel (especially in the beginning), and she's sacrificed a lot in her life to become the perfect vessel for the descension of Amaterasu. I loved that her character was so believable, so layered and that there was so much room for the development we got to see.

Shiro  is a Kitsune, a fox spirit of the Earth who is morally ambiguous, sly and enigmatic. He was a character that I adored getting to know and the swift peeks that I had at his softer side just melted my heart. 

Yumei  is a raven spirit of the Earth - Lord of crows and harbinger of war. His character had a wonderful depth and was so intriguing with both the Yokai nature (ruthless, unrelenting and selfish) and the glimmers of human emotion that made him slightly more relateable.

The dialogue and interactions between the characters is so meaningful and each character's vulnerabilities endeared them to me even more and seeing that they weren't invincible and untouchable made them even more irresistible

Slow Burn Forbidden Romance

One of the swooniest romances I've read, the dynamic between the two characters is just... Perfect. The flirting, the banter - it's all there and absolutely heightens the atmosphere without overwhelming the plot in any way. 

Action Packed Fantasy

Not only is this an amazing fantasy world, but there's also plenty of action throughout and not only is it well choreographed but also easy to follow. It's an absolutely exhilarating ride! I love that there is actual physical fighting included alongside magical warfare and that the magic system was well thought out and balanced and human grit, determination and bravery was as important as magical arsenal, perhaps even more important.

Beautiful Illustrations

Each book in this trilogy has ten beautifully rendered illustrations which are a veritable feast for the eyes. They enrich the experience of reading without ever overpowering it.

Hopefully that's enough to convince you to give this series a try! It really is one of my all time favourites and if you're even remotely interested you should go and pick this one up. 

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