Review: Two Witches and a Whiskey - Annette Marie

Two Witches and a Whiskey
Two Witches and a Whiskey by Annette Marie
Series: The Guild Codex: Spellbound #3

My rating: {★★★★★}

Urban Fantasy
Expected publication: February 8th 2019 by Dark Owl Fantasy Inc.

Source: ARC copy received from the Publisher
Three months ago, I landed a job as a bartender. But not at a bar—at a guild. Yeah, the magic kind.

I'm not a badass mage like my three smokin' hot best friends. I'm not a sorcerer or an alchemist, or even a wussy witch. I'm just a human, slinging drinks like a pro and keeping my non-magical nose out of mythic business. Seriously, I know my limits.

So why am I currently standing in a black-magic ritual circle across from a fae lord?

Somewhere behind me, my three mage friends are battling for their lives. Somewhere near my feet is the rogue witch I just knocked out with a stolen spell. And I have about five seconds to convince this very angry sea god not to shmoosh me like a bug.

I'm pretty sure this wasn't part of the job description.

** I voluntarily read and reviewed a review copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.**

Well... I guess by now it's safe to say that whenever you read one of my reviews of anything by Annette Marie there will probably be plenty of gushing and fangirling... Because really. She just brings it out in me.

All of her books are incredibly entertaining, engaging and easy to read and The Guild Codex series is no different. Each instalment has been fast paced, compelling and just downright FUN.

There's just so much to love about everything in this series (so go read it NOW!). Firstly, it's an episodic series meaning that each book has it's own fully contained plot with no horrible cliffhangers at the end. In saying that though, there are also carry throughs on each book and while you probably COULD read this books in any order and without having read one previously, I would definitely recommend starting from the beginning and working your way through. There's plenty of character development in each book and there's also a lot of foreshadowing of things to come. There's also the fact that if you DO read these (and you really, really should!) you will probably just find yourself looking for all the rest and waiting eagerly for the next one to come out!

The characters are so easy to get to love and each is unique with their own motivations and backstory. In this book in particular we got to see a few more of Tori's insecurities and I loved second guessing myself all the time (is she or isn't she!?). I also loved that this didn't follow any sort of formula that you might normally find in UF. I have to admit, when I first heard about this series and Tori's character I was worried; I was worried that this was the series that I wouldn't be head-over-heels with and that would end my Annette Marie winning streak (seriously - let's be real I've rated NONE OF HER BOOKS LESS THAN FOUR STARS and I think I have read ALL of her works to date which is no less than 15 books!). However, Tori is just so relateable and real and downright fascinating and I love being in her head.

There's lots of returning characters making their appearance who I also love (ZAK!!!!!!!) and there's so many relationships that are just too wonderful for words. I really enjoyed getting to know Kai (only the SECOND most mysterious of the gang) a little more and more in the past two books and any other Kai fans out there are going to be happy with this one.

I still have so many burning questions though!!!!!!!!!!!! **insert fangirlish wailing here** But seriously, do yourself a favour and go and pick this one up. And as an added bonus, Kindle Unlimited subscribers can find ALL of Annette's books there!

Strong themes of male friendships, family, belonging, snark and sassy banter, laugh-out-loud humour and just freaking fantastic writing that makes me want to abandon my real life altogether make this series unputdownable for me. I am so incredibly excited for the next book coming out in April!

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