The Blog Squad: TAG Special

We are a group of three bloggers from different continents who have been bringing you “The Blog Squad’ - a series of discussion posts about book blogging! We have always enjoyed reading your comments and views at these posts and this time around, we have a special post in which you could participate too! We present to you ‘THE BLOG SQUAD TAG’ where we answer five questions about having a bookish blog and hope you would join us too!

Is there a particular blogger who inspires you?

There’s a lot of amazing book bloggers out there and to be honest anyone that even puts their opinion out there on the Internet is pretty inspiring to me! I love the bloggers that take the time to give back - responding to their comments and visiting other blogs and there are A LOT of excellent ones out there.
The ladies that I do The Blog Squad posts with are also pretty darn inspiring and I love the relationship that we’ve built by being in contact all the time! Thanks for making blogging the most awesome experience for me!

What is your blog’s niche?

I mainly review Young Adult books from the fantasy genre because that is what I read the most of. I don’t think I have a real niche yet?

What is your top bookish confession?

I have an extremely good imagination and have spent a lot of time wishing that the line between reality and fantasy could be blurred! I may or may not have tried a lot of the Harry Potter spells under my breath! Where the heck is my wand when I need one?

What are your top 3 bookish pet peeves?

The Interrupter - when someone assumes that just because you are reading you aren’t busy
The Long Wait - Either being on the ‘hold list’ at the library OR waiting for a sequel to be published
Predictability - When I knew it before it happened

Name 3 books you would recommend to anyone

This is actually tough because not everyone likes the same books…. But I always like recommending books that I love (because everyone should read them!).

I’m loving this series and I THINK EVERYONE SHOULD TRY IT!! It might not be for you, but if you do enjoy it, you will LOVE it!

Vampire Academy was another AMAZING series that I adored and I think anyone interested should get started IMMEDIATELY.

It might be an obvious one, but I think EVERYONE should try this series at least ONCE in their life!

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this tag! Please feel free to take part on your own blog, and do tag us on Twitter or elsewhere if you decide to participate. We’d love to see your answers! 
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