The Blog Squad: Special - What have we discussed so far?

We hope you’ve enjoyed our Blog Squad posts so far! We’ve really enjoyed answering the questions and reading your responses in the comments - it’s so awesome to hear everyone’s different experiences.

We aren’t finished with The Blog Squad posts, but we thought we’d do a wrap-up just to show you what we’ve done so far and let you read posts you might have missed.


The Blog Squad: Part I - Friday 10 February
  • What made you start your book blog?
  • Have you received any books to review from publishers or authors?
  • If an author has taken the time to research your blog and is asking you to review a book in your scope, should you say yes?

The Blog Squad: Part II - Friday 17 February

  • Do you have to get ARCs to be a "proper" Book Blogger?
  • What's your ‘review process’?
  • Do you write a review of every book read (including negative reviews?)

The Blog Squad: Part III - Friday 24 February

  • What is more important? A high number of followers OR a smaller number but more interactive followers?
  • Do you expect a comment back on your blog when you go comment on someone else’s blog?
  • Do you think bloggers should always reply to comments on their blog?

The Blog Squad Special: Friday 3 March

The Blog Squad: Part IV - Friday 10 March

  • Do you need a Twitter and/or Facebook and/or Instagram account if you have a blog?
  • Which blogging platform do you think is the best/ Why do you use Blogger?
  • What comment system do you prefer to use?

The Blog Squad: Part V - Friday 17 March

  • What makes you follow a blog?
  • Where do you find the blogs that you are currently following?
  • What makes you comment on a blog post?

The Blog Squad: Part VI - Friday 24 March

  • Blog scheduling - Do you do it?
  • Is there an acceptable number of posts per week for a book blog?
  • Book Blitzes and Blog Tours - Your take

The Blog Squad: Part VII - Friday 7 April

  • Book Ratings - what’s your system?
  • What things make you lower your rating for a book?
  • Have you ever looked back on ratings and reviews and needed to change them?

The Blog Squad: Part VIII - Friday 14 April

  • Should reviews have spoiler alerts? Or be spoiler free?
  • Do the endings of books affect your rating or overall opinion?
  • How long should a review be?

The Blog Squad: Part IX - Friday 21 April

  • What do you think is important about blog layout? How did you decide on your particular one?
  • Is there one thing you wish you’d done differently to your blog from the start? One thing you regret?
  • What is the next item on your blogging ‘To Do’ list?

The Blog Squad: Part X -  Friday 28 April May

  • What is your reading schedule like?
  • How much pressure do you put on yourself to meet your bookish goals?
  • How has blogging changed your reading habits?

The Blog Squad Special: A Tag -  Friday 5 May

  • Is there a particular blogger that inspires you?
  • What is your blog’s niche?
  • What is your top bookish confession?
  • What are your top 3 bookish pet peeves?
  • Name 3 books you would recommend to anyone.

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We hope this wrap-up has helped you catch-up on some of our topics! Please share your answers to any of the question above in the comments, and let us know if there’re any other questions you’d like us to feature.  Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for Part 11 next week!  


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