The Blog Squad: A Blogger Collaboration - Part V

We are a group of three book bloggers situated on different continents but brought together by our love for books and a penchant for talking about them. We’ve joined our forces to create a collaborative series of posts about book blogging and we hope you’ll enjoy the discussions.


Uma says...

Ah! So many reasons for why I follow a blog! Sometimes it’s because the blogger is following me and I’m returning the favor by following back or sometimes I make friends with someone on Goodreads/ Twitter and hence decide to follow their blog. But mostly, it’s the content that makes me visit a blog again and again and eventually follow it.

Most of the blogs I follow have wonderful discussion posts, well written helpful reviews and interesting content basically! Also I prefer to follow blogs with good interaction and interesting conversations.

And as my friends have pointed out, blog layout is a factor - maybe not a big one but it’s there all the same. I’d like it if the blog loads quickly and is easy to navigate. When I’m confused by the blog’s layout, I’m not so keen to visit again. The design could be elaborate or simple or anything in between as long as it is clear and easy to navigate.

Also something very important, it should be easy to follow. Many a times I find a blog I really like but I can’t ‘cause I can’t find the follow button! I’d like to see some means of follow in the sidebar or the footer to make it easy!

Amy says...

Hard, HARD question!

Sometimes I follow almost instantly because I love the blog’s layout design. Sometimes it’s because I’ve enjoyed a particular review or post and want to see more. Sometimes it’s because that blogger has followed me and I want to follow back to show my appreciation.

I actually follow an unhealthy number of blogs, and thus never get to visit all of them! I’m following 168 blog via GFC, and 821 via Bloglovin’...... *gulps*
I need to do a clean-up at some stage, but at the moment I’m too lazy ;) There are certain blogs I always visit and comment on, and unfortunately others that I never get round to.
I think I need to do a clean-up…...

Uma says...

I’ve mostly found blogs via Goodreads Groups, Twitter and Instagram. I must say that Twitter group chats are a great way of meeting new bloggers and discovering similar blogs. Some really awesome blogs I’ve come across are via the comments in my blog! I’ve also discovered great blogs via Amy’s and Di’s comments too.

Amy says...

I find blogs in a very round-about way. If someone follows my blog, then I’ll check theirs out. Sometimes, if I’m looking for blogs specifically (going on a “blog-hunt” I call it), I’ll discover them by clicking on people’s google accounts that have followed other blogs. For example, I often click on Di or Uma’s GFC gadget when I see they’ve got a new follower, and I’ll scroll through that person’s blog list and randomly chose people to visit.  

Twitter is another great way to discover bloggers. Comment chains are another fantastic way, too. If I’m on Uma or Di’s or someone else’s blog that I follow, and see that someone I don’t recognise has commented on one of their posts, I’ll follow that person’s profile link to their blog. That’s my favourite way of blog discovering, and the one that I do most often. It’s awesome, simple, and I have discovered some amazing blogs that way!        

Uma says...

The content. If I have views regarding the topic being discussed in the post or if I’ve read / looking forward to read the book being talked about, I would most definitely leave a comment. Sometimes, as Amy does, I leave a comment to support a new blogger.

I also comment on the blogs whose owners have commented on my blog. This is a part of the ‘comment back’ policy I follow! I love getting comments on my post and want to show some love to other blogs too!

But yes, mostly if I’m leaving a comment on your blog, it’s because I love what you’ve written and want to show my appreciation as well as express my views.

Amy says...

Gosh, hard question!
Most of the time when it’s a new blog I’ve discovered, I comment just to be friendly and introduce myself and show some blogging love. Sometimes it’ll also be because I loved that particular review or post, and if it’s a blogger I know well and are following, then in addition to loving their post, I’ll just comment to show support.  

I LOVE getting comments on my own blog, and I know how awesome it feels.  If I discover a new blog with hardly any followers, then I’ll comment because I want to support the blogger and give them some comment love.

It’s wonderful getting comments, and I want every blogger to be excited by them!    

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