The Wrap-Up: March Edition

Welcome to my monthly wrap-up! I hope that you've had a great month. 

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Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate it! It's quite crazy to think that we're 25% done with this year already!

March was a crazy month for me again! I'm beginning to think crazy is just my new normal and that I should get used to it!  I did however manage to finish seven books somehow and stay fairly on track with my reading goals for the year. Blogging-wise it was pretty slow but I'm not as far behind as I was when I started the year... So maybe that's a win?

So what happened in March? My little family and I travelled to Indonesia to meet up with my Dad and his family there. It was an amazing trip and we're all already planning to go again. I managed to catch the flu from the depths of hell however, and so my return hasn't been about the catch up that I hoped it would be, but more like the recovery from the worst illness I've had in years! I also have my niece visiting and staying with us so I can't imagine I've been any fun at all for her! She is here until the end of the first week of April though so at least it wasn't just a weekend and I still have time to recover and plan some fun for her. Finally we had friends visiting from overseas who we don't get to see very often so all in all - a seriously busy month!

What I read:

Tempests and SlaughterFirebloodBride of the SeaFirst TestImmortal CreatorsSky In The DeepThe Blood Curse

I managed to buddy read a few books, re-read a Tamora Pierce and finish her newest Tortall book - Tempests and Slaughter. I am however seriously behind on reviews and blog comments!

What I am currently reading:

Wonder Woman WarbringerKing's CageDragonfly in Amber
Buddy reading Wonder Woman (better late than never!!!) and I finally managed to pick up King's Cage which isn't as horribly as I thought it would be (Thanks Alissa for the push!).

Up Next:

 A Court of Thorns and RosesThe Cruel PrinceChase the Dark

April will be the month of re-reading A Court of Thorns and Roses and also digging into my newly acquired hardback copy of The Cruel Prince! Hopefully with this re-read of ACoTAR I'll FINALLY be able to pull myself together and put up a review for these books! Who knows? :D I'm also hoping to get through a lot of the Steel and Stone books again as a re-read because I miss them after reading Spell Weaver and I am also looking for tidbits of info that I might have missed on the first read.

New Arrivals:

The Blood Curse

I received and read and reviewed The Blood Curse in March. It's the conclusion to the Spell Weaver series by Annette Marie (only one of my favourite authors of all time!) and it was a great one.<3

Reading Progress:

Not a bad reading month really! Lots of ARCs completed the best month in sheer numbers this year so far!

How was your month? Did you hit your reading goals? Did anything noteworthy happen? 
Talk to me in the comments below!

Recent Reads:

The Broken Destiny
Adulthood Is a Myth: A
Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy
Throne of Jade
Oxford Roald Dahl Dictionary
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