Review: Blood and Stars - Jaime Lee Mann

Blood and Stars by Jaime Lee Mann
Series: Legend of Rhyme #5
My rating: {★★★★☆}

Children's Fantasy Fiction
Published September 12th 2017 by Blue Moon Publishers

Source: Blue Moon Publishers via NetGalley
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Thirteen-year-old Ariana Caine has woken in Coraira, and is torn between finding her brother Asher and learning how to rule the magic realm while Calla is under a protection spell.

Beneath the sea, Starla the mer-queen is bringing her apprentice, Teagan, to the Chamber of Memories to learn more about her parents. But when Starla is beckoned by one of the Ancients, Teagan is approached by a stranger, who promises to lead her to her mother and father. Meanwhile, the sea witch and her sisters are poised and ready to usurp the queen’s reign, and will stop at nothing to gain her powers.

On top of it all, Elora, the infamous witch who has caused so much heartache, is now asking for trust one last time.

Will Ariana choose Coraira over her brother?

Will the sea witch have her wish?

What are Elora's true intentions?
The series has definitely matured since it first began five books ago and I've loved being a part of it and seeing the writing, the plot and the characters all mature to the point that we're at now.

It had been a little while since I read a Legend of Rhyme book and I love that there is both a character guide to help bring you back up to speed AND there are lovely little rhymes at the beginning of each 'story' to remind you of what has happened previously.

The author's introduction mentions that she reads each and every review left for the series on Goodreads and Amazon, and in response to these she decided not to end this book with a cliffhanger, and true to her word this one is wrapped up so satisfyingly and yet still poised for the next installment. In fact, this book on a whole revealed a lot of information and resolved a lot of threads that had been left loose in the previous books.

This one was cleaner and easier to read than the previous book which I really appreciated. This is a really strong new book from Jaime Lee Mann in a series that also broaches topics of family relationships, raises awareness on issues of climate change and global waste and manages to wrap it all in a fairytale-esque container that is truly entertaining and exercises the imagination.

Legend of Rhyme is a lovely fantasy series with a little something for both young and old. It's the sort of series I can envisage reading to my little one when she's old enough.

Second Twin (Legend of Rhyme #4)

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