Blogger Babble: The Absolute Best Places to Read

"It is a truth universally acknowledged that a person 
in possession of a good book must be in want of a good place to read."

I can't remember where I heard that once, so I can't credit that quote but hopefully anyone reading it knows what book it is alluding to.

We all have our favourite places to read and these may suit you more than they may suit others. I for example, hate reading at the beach. There's too much sand, too much sun and too much water for my liking! In fact, I generally just prefer reading inside but I will venture outside with my book occasionally - you know, just to shake things up or when I feel like I might be getting too translucent.

So here's my top 5 favourite places to read. Do we have any in common?

1. In Bed

There's no better place for me to read than lying snuggled up under my covers. Of course, there's the inherent danger of falling asleep and dropping the book on your face but every book addict knows that there is always some form of potential hazard awaiting us. This is just one of the consequences of the book life.

2. In Front of a Fire

It's a cold winter's night, there's a fire crackling beside you and you can snuggle down with a blanket on your favourite chair and a good book. Hot beverage optional. 

3. In a Library

In a library, surrounded by books and the general smell of words printed on paper. As a kid I can vividly remember devouring entire books while in a library. Also - bonus points here - people are expected to stay QUIET and therefore can't bug you as much!

4. At the Breakfast Table

Because let's face it - if you didn't finish that unputdownable book the night before you are going to want to get straight back into it. And what better time than at breakfast? The kids are busy with their own food and you get a few more precious minutes with your fictional friends.

5. On a Plane/Public Transport

Not only does reading help pass the time of the journey, but you might also come across someone else who is reading what you are reading and strike up an interesting conversation. Or you might find someone who is reading your favourite book and hey, that's almost like the book is recommending that person!

Do you like reading in any of my top 5 places? Do you hate reading in any of my top 5 places? What's your favourite place to read?


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