Blogger Babble: Reading Pet Peeves

Gosh it's Friday and I have barely posted any content on the blog this week. I've also barely had any reading time so that's also making life difficult. I hope to finish a book tonight and then get a lot of reading done over the weekend too so hopefully next week will be a better week for posts.

What I wanted to chat about today is something that every reader of books will connect with : Reading Pet Peeves.

Now, I think that I'm the type of reader that writers actually write for - the type that gets so immersed into the world and becomes so involved with it that everything matters. If a good writer is up to the task, I love to just disappear into the pages and not come up for air. I even manage to forget that I'm reading a book sometimes and just get carried away on the sea of words.

I have some serious issues with things that can disturb my reading experience. They are both external problems (like someone asking me what's so funny when I'm laughing out load at a scene in my current read and there is absolutely no way to explain the situation without going through the entire plot) or internal problem (something the author has done to jar me out of my reading experience) but I definitely have a long list of pet peeves. I'm going to list five of them for you today.

1. People assuming because you are reading you aren't actually doing anything

People! I'm READING! I'm actually INVOLVED in this book! I am NOT just sitting here doing nothing. Please refrain from talking to me, needing me for anything and commenting on my reactions!

2. Being on the Holds list at the Library

Yes, as a biliophile libraries are indeed one of my favourite places. But being on the holds list is definitely one of my pet peeves about reading. Waiting for someone to return a physical book can be excruciating as there is absolutely no guarantee that the list of people before you will even return the book on time - at least with eBooks this risk is mitigated. But the wait is still tormenting. 

3. Movies that don't play out like the book

Very, very rarely a change to the plot can actually benefit the movie (I'm looking at you - Horse Whisperer!), but really - if you're going to take too many liberties with these things you are NOT going to have the book fans on your side.

4. When you can predict the big twist

I am not very good at seeing what is coming - but when I can predict it before it happens, I really hate it. I don't want predictability in my books - I want the big revelations and all the gasps and sounds of surprise that come with them.

5. Poor editing


There's nothing that throws me out of a reading reverie faster - spelling and grammar issues that should have been edited out before publication. There's NO EXCUSE!

What are your reading pet peeves? Let me know in the comments below!


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