Review: Frostbite - Adrienne Woods


Frostbite by Adrienne Woods

 Rating {★★★★☆}

This is the third book in the Dragonian series, and everything got even more interesting for me in this one.

I have to admit, I thought this was going to be a pretty predictable but fun little series from the first book. I really enjoyed reading Firebolt. Thunderlight was a little wordy but still a good read and then I finished Frostbite. Let's be honest now, it doesn't matter which book it is or what the book is about, but if you are pondering on the events of the book, can't wait to get back to reading it AND it gives you enough feels to have you in tears a couple of times through the book - you have to say that you enjoyed it and that it is a good book!

I really got into this third instalment in the series. I have similar issues with this book as I did with the first two, but not enough to make me bring the rating down from 4 stars. I did find myself having to reread a few passages just to make sure I got the correct series of events. There is a lot happening in this one and a lot to keep up with.

I do enjoy that there is a real struggle in these books - the main character is not automatically amazing at everything and she has to train and suffer and strive to become good. Yes, she has a dark Dragonian mark and will have amazing powers but that being said she was not brought up in a world where dragons existed and so she struggles both to accept all of these things and to bring her powers under control.

There is also a lot of thought and careful planning in this series with foreshadowing in all of the books. It is not very subtle but I do feel that Woods' writing is improving throughout the series. I'm looking forward to being engrossed in book four.

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