Review: Thunderlight - Adrienne Woods


Thunderlight by Adrienne Woods

Rating : {★★★☆☆}

I am thoroughly enjoying this series. I could only truthfully give this one 3 stars, but I'm late at writing my review and I know I have already rated the next one 4 stars so don't be disheartened! This entire series is well worth the read although I admit I am only on book four out of five. I just already know that I'm going to be reading them all.

I have mentioned in a previous review that these books aren't perfect. I have to mention a few of the small things that bugged me the most and brought down my rating -

Editing – there were a lot of errors in my copy of the book e.g. their instead of they’re and other typos. Often this sort of error will completely snap a reader out of their ‘zone’ which is NOT a good thing.
The characters - A lot of the decisions felt forced and slightly out of character coming straight off the first book. Not only that, but the characters at times seem like they are just going through the motions that are required to get us from a) to b) in the book. Each of these decisions/actions was a plot device but could have been better written to make it more believable for me. Elena and Lucian’s relationship wasn’t easy, but it did seem like there wasn’t quite enough substance to it for them to be so entirely in love
The events - sometimes I think the author needs to step out of the characters shoes and look at the happenings of this story as a world wide point of view. What effect would these events have on the rest of Paegeia and what would be the overall reaction? I know we’re kind of viewing things from inside a bubble here, but there is talk of the rest of the world and sometimes I don’t think the impact is felt hard enough all around or explained well enough in the book
The Dialogue - I also have a problem with the dialogue at times feeling a little flat – hardly any of the characters seem to have their own inflections. Also the use of adverbs and adjectives a lot of the time (I said evenly, Sir Robert said confidently, she said smiling, She said with a wink, Isabel said with concern, “This is so exciting,” Lucille sang, Becky shrieked).
Concentration on unimportant things – sometimes the author seems to get diverted with describing things that aren’t overall notable or even necessary to the plot and this can distract the reader from the essence of the story. This book lacks a little focus.

Don’t get me wrong – I do like this series, a lot in fact. It has all the makings of being incredible – an interesting, well thought out and fairly well built world, an exciting set of characters that the Author is able to build upon throughout the books, a great story line that the reader can see has been carefully considered and planned and it has managed to keep me hooked. I am definitely invested in this story and these characters and will be continuing to read through the wee hours of the mornings until I’m finished!

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