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Review: A Court of Mist and Fury - Sarah J Maas


Nooooooo! It's finished! I want more, I NEED more!

This book. This book was an incredible follow up to ACOTAR. I wouldn't have dreamed that Maas would go there, but she did - and it was AMAZING. Heartbreakingly AMAZING.

I'm still trying to put together a coherent thought of how to describe this book. But it was awesome. 

This book was not a love story, although the romantic aspect was definitely there. 

It is about change - and Feyre has changed in such a fundamental way it cannot help but effect everything that she is. 

It is about a journey of self discovery, of discovering so many things about yourself and facing these things with all the courage you can muster. 

It is about people not necessarily being who you thought they were, about you not being who you thought you were. 

It is about making the reader sit on the edge of their seat and then finally coming to a close that will leave everyone wailing - HOW WILL I WAIT ANOTHER YEAR!!!!!!!!!????????