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Review: Lirael - Garth Nix


Lirael (Abhorsen #2)


Rating {★★★★☆}

What a solid second book in what is shaping up to be a truly awesome series. 

I had my doubts when reading Sabriel, but I fell in love with the world, with Sabriel, with Touchstone and Mogget and the very unique magical system that Nix developed. 

Lirael was a slightly more sprawling book with a LOT of setting up for the third book (which I would recommend having in hand to read as soon as you finish Lirael!). The characters are a little angsty, a little irritating and some of the premises for the third book are a little hazy here, but I am sure this is intentional. 

Despite all of this, I still fell in love with Lirael, Sameth, especially the Dog and I am harbouring deep fears for the tertiary characters in this book (including Sabriel and Touchstone). 

I cannot wait to pick up the third book in this series and I am sure it is going to be devoured in some very late night reading.

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