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Review: Oxford Roald Dahl Dictionary


Oxford Roald Dahl Dictionary by Susan Rennie

Rating {★★★★

I adore Roald Dahl. And I'm thrilled that I had the opportunity to get hold of an eARC. Thank-you NetGalley!

Roald Dahl is a personal childhood favourite and something I cannot wait to share with my children when they are old enough. I even enjoy re-reading the novels and rhymes as an adult, so I was just besotted with this dictionary! I think it is a wonderful addition to any library and I am going to be searching for a hard copy of this as soon as they become available.

Beautifully presented (with illustrations by Quentin Blake!!!!) and full of great facts and knowledge but also displayed in an entertaining and fun way which will make kids of all ages (even the adult ones!) truly enjoy this dictionary.

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