It's Monday! What Are You Reading? 11th July 2016


It's Monday! What Are You Reading? is a place to meet up and share what you have been, are and about to be reading over the week. It's a weekly meme hosted by Kathryn at the Book Date and is a great chance to interact and of course to add to your TBR list (because it's never long enough!). 

Jen Vincent, Teach Mentor Texts, and Kellee of Unleashing Readers decided to give It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? a kidlit focus. If you read and review books in children’s literature – picture books, chapter books, middle grade novels, young adult novels, anything in the world of kidlit – join them!

This has not been a fantastic reading week for me - I was trying to plug through The Broken Destiny which just was not working out for me, and having just picked up a number of large books (Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix @870 pages (according to Goodreads); Outlander #1 @896 pages) I truthfully just have not been able to get too far!

What I read last week:

Rated {★★★★★}
What a fun read - a short and entertaining graphic novel that I would highly recommend to any bookworm, introvert or female in general. I picked this one up from my library after seeing Nicole's Review over at A Myriad of Books.
Rated {★☆☆☆☆} 

Unfortunately this book had a stunning cover but that was about it. So disappointed.

Rated {★★★☆☆} 
I did enjoy this one but overall I felt it was only worth three stars, which was disappointing considering I was sure it would be at least a four star read. More on that in my review.

What I am Currently Reading:


Here are two books off my Currently Reading shelf. I'm excited to be diving back into Novik's world of Temeraire and look forward to seeing what my favourite characters are up to now.

I've been re-reading Harry Potter slowly this year because, well firstly it's Harry Potter and secondly I dhave only ever read the 6th and 7th books once each. I need to see if I can face the deaths of so many beloved characters!

Up Next:

This one looks like a fast and fun read and I will be reviewing before the publishing date in August. I'm looking forward to it being lighthearted and humorous so I hope it can live up to these expectations.

How did your week shape up??


  1. Adulthood is a myth sounds like just the book I should read this week!

    1. Thanks for stopping by and yes, I can highly recommend it. Let me know what you think if you do pick it up!

      Have a lovely week and see you next Monday.

  2. Adulthood is a Myth sounds like fun. I think I could use it this week! I suspect my newly adult (18) daughter might enjoy it, too.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! It is such a lighthearted and fun read and I am sure your daughter would also enjoy it. Have a lovely week!

  3. I'm sorry that the cover was the best part of THE BROKEN DESTINY. I read the first couple of Naomi Novik's series but burned out on it. I should try it again because alternate history and dragons is usually a hit for me. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

    1. Thanks for stopping by again this week. I haven't made it very far into this third instalment but I do believe it's going to be an improvement on the second book which was a lot of a travelogue on their way to China and was tedious at times. Hopefully you'll be able to see my thoughts on it soon.
      Have a lovely week.

  4. Adulthood is a Myth looks cute, the art style almost reminds me of Hyperbole and a Half and Black Powder War looks really interesting. I have not read any of the Temeraire novels yet but I've heard good things. Sorry to hear Graceling wasn't quite as good as expected.

    Nice to discover your blog through It's Monday, and thank you for visiting mine! Have a great week!!

    1. Thanks for the visit and for taking the time to comment.

      I've only just picked up Black Powder War, but the series is definitely worth checking out. Especially if you like historical fiction with a fantasy twist.

  5. What fun this summer to do some Harry Potter re-reads. They are long, I agree! I volunteer at a used bookstore & often have requests for Harry Potter fans, new to read them or wanting their own books! Thanks for sharing about the other books, too.

    1. It's always great to revisit those comfortable old books you just know are good. It's like comfort food for my brain and many a time I have used an old favourite to help ease me out of a book hangover or reading slump. Hope you have a lovely week.

  6. Replies
    1. So many people do! It's a lovely read. Thanks for stopping by.

  7. I've seen Sarah Andersen's work pop up on my friends' Facebook feed. Funny stuff.

    1. She's hilarious isn't she? I'm still chuckling at some of them. Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely week.

  8. I understand completely on the reading week. I hope it picks up for you. I've had the Outlander series recommended to me so many times but just can't bring myself to pick them up. I hope the first book works for you.

    1. I've been struggling a little with the slow start but I've been told if I can just get past the 10% hump I'll be hooked. So I'll push through and hopefully it will be good! Thanks for stopping by and have a great week.

  9. I've been meaning to reread Harry Potter for so long now. I really need to do it, I love those books.

    Adulthood is a Myth looks like a great read! I am definitely adding it to my list.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! And yes, HP can be reread countless times with so much enjoyment to be had.

      Hope you are enjoying SJ Maas! Have a lovely week.

  10. Graceling was good but a little too violent for my taste. I liked Alanna: The First Adventure a bit more for this type of story. I'm sure Adulthood is a Myth is funny, but I'm old enough that I wish more people would BE adults! Put on real clothes! Deal with it! My daughter is more the target demographic for this.

    1. Gosh - I LOVE Tamora Pierce. I remember finding one of her Immortals series in my school library and then I was hooked. I have reread her Tortall books so many times I could almost recite the beginning of most of them.

      I agree that Graceling was on the more graphical violent side which a lot of YA books are tending towards in this day and age. It's definitely not a middlegrade read.

      Have you tried the Eon: Dragoneye series?

  11. It's so frustrating to slog through a book that isn't working for you. I hope you love all of your reading this week!

    1. Thanks. This week has been so much more promising! I've managed to pick up Thieving Weasels and although I'm only 20% so far I'm enjoying it!

  12. I really like the look of Adulthood is a Myth - I just might have to get myself a copy soonest! :)


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