It's Monday! What Are You Reading? 18th July 2016


It's Monday! What Are You Reading? is a place to meet up and share what you have been, are and about to be reading over the week. It's a weekly meme hosted by Kathryn at the Book Date and is a great chance to interact and of course to add to your TBR list (because it's never long enough!). 

We just arrived back from a 4 day holiday yesterday and unfortunately I didn't get a lot of reading done, but I have come back happier and refreshed and I managed to spend some quality time with my family. 

I know it's not Monday anymore - but I still wanted to do my weekly roundup as much for my own sake of getting my mind and my week organised as for being able to post here, on the blog! 

What I read last week:

Rated {★☆}

This is the only book that I actually managed to complete last week! It was a very quick read and a fast paced, fun book. I'll be posting my review soon. 

What I am Currently Reading:

I'm almost at the end of both of these. Talon I have been speeding through - Kagawa has caught be again! I'm both thrilled and a little disappointed to find that this series is still in publication! Although it means that I will still have more of this world to sink into, it also means that there will be the dreaded wait until the book is published. But I am still a few books away from that so for now I'll just carry on in the world of Talon and hope for the best!

Harry Potter, as I've mentioned previously, I'm re-reading this entire series and OotP is still on my current reads shelf this week. Books 1-4 I absolutely devoured but even as I picked this book up and even worse now that I'm nearing the climax, I have slowed right down. This is where it all begins to get so real - where beloved characters are ripped away and the evil that is Lord Voldemort begins to really penetrate the pages and hurts my soul. There will never be a time where I am not full on crying throughout the events at the Department of Mysteries. 

Up Next:


This one I have received from the author and I'll be diving into it in the next couple of days. I hope to catch up on some reading this week and hopefully I'll be able to get some more reviews out soon. 

How did your week shape up?


  1. I've seen a few others who are re-reading HP, and I sadly missed that boat. I've thought lately of a few books I'd love to re-read. Talon looks pretty interesting, and Alien Love Story looks really cute and fun. I hope it's a great week for you. :)

  2. I never actually made it past HP #5. I liked Talon, but decided to wait until it is finished to continue. I hate love triangles and won't keep going unless I already know who was chosen and what happened to the other one.

    Thanks for visiting my Sunday Summary earlier. I have added you to my RSS reader.

    1. Oh no! Even though things get so bad in the later books, they also are so good. They neeeeed to be read!

      I've just finished Talon so I'll review soon and start Rogue so I'll let you know if it's safe to continue reading ;)

      Thanks for stopping by and I've got your Blog on Bloglovin'


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